Real estate listings in Craft CMS with Rets Rabbit

Since I debuted Rets Rabbit I’ve gotten quite a few requests for a Rets Rabbit plugin to integrate real estate listings in Craft CMS. It’s always been on the roadmap, however a full featured plugin is a lot of work and I’ve always had to push it back.

Fortunately I recently discovered the OAuth & REST plugins from Dukt. Having a long Memorial Day weekend ahead of me I decided to take a crack and see how much of the Rets Rabbit functionality I could implement.


2015 Year in Review

Happy New Year! It’s time to take a look back on 2015 to reflect on how the year went and what our plans are for 2016.


ExpressionEngine 3 Add-on Plans

So I promised an update on Anecka’s plans for our two ExpressionEngine add-ons, PDF Press & Rets Rabbit.

PDF Press

PDF Press is currently 85% converted to EE 3. The last 15% is really a matter of testing on the latest EE 3 version and integrating fixes. PDF Press for EE 3 should be available by the end of Nov 2015.

When you purchase a copy of PDF Press, you’ll get both EE 2 & EE 3 versions. Support for EE 2 will be dropped at some point in 2016 depending on the adoption rate & level of support needed to maintain EE 2.

Rets Rabbit

Rets Rabbit has not been converted to EE 3 yet, I’m predicting EE 3 support should be ready in Jan 2016.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Why Slack (the chat app) is a big deal

Slack has become a big part of our business. It’s surprising how quickly and how completely we’ve adapted it for our work and how we’ve come to depend on it. In this article I’ll explain why Slack is and will continue to be a big deal.


IDX 101: Freelancer guide to real estate listings

Evaluating a real estate project can prove challenging for even the most experience freelancer or web agency. Answering the question “can we get our listings on the new website” is not straight-forward.

When we talk about getting access to listings for display on a website or mobile app, we’re talking about IDX (Internet Data Exchange). Most people confuse IDX with a specific technology, it’s not. If you get leads for projects from real estate clients this primer will tell you what you need to know about IDX and how to get access to it.


6 Reasons Why I love ExpressionEngine

Seems like there’s a lot of negativity about ExpressionEngine these days. Or at least, some worrying.

I’ve seen more than a few claims over the years about how this company or that technology was months away from death. More than a few prognosticators have predicted the death of Apple, e-commerce, Google, even the Internet itself.

While EllisLab (EL) is not Apple, I have every reason to believe that ExpressionEngine will be around for a long time. Here are the reasons why I love ExpressionEngine and why it will continue to be a core component for my business.


Use a build script to slim down your zip files

Hidden files and directories can be a real problem for add-on developers or anyone trying to package their work in a zip file. This is especially a problem on Macs with the dreaded .DS_Store hidden directory. Here’s a tweet from Ryan Masuga of Devot:ee reminding Mac developers to keep their zip archives clean:


How to build real estate websites in ExpressionEngine

Building a real estate website isn’t an easy task, by far the most complex and confusing part of any real estate website is building the search and display of real estate listings (also called the IDX search or feed).


2014 Year in Review

It seems in-vogue now for bloggers to do a year in review post. I actually enjoy reading these quite a bit as they give some great insight on what freelancers and agency owners have tried over the past year to grow their businesses and their personal lives. Anyway here’s my year in review post. It’s a little rough but I wanted to make sure to post it before 2016!


Why multiple environments?

Why we use at least three environment tiers for all of our projects, even CMS work.