ExpressionEngine 3 Add-on Plans

So I promised an update on Anecka’s plans for our two ExpressionEngine add-ons, PDF Press & Rets Rabbit.

PDF Press

PDF Press is currently 85% converted to EE 3. The last 15% is really a matter of testing on the latest EE 3 version and integrating fixes. PDF Press for EE 3 should be available by the end of Nov 2015.

When you purchase a copy of PDF Press, you’ll get both EE 2 & EE 3 versions. Support for EE 2 will be dropped at some point in 2016 depending on the adoption rate & level of support needed to maintain EE 2.

Rets Rabbit

Rets Rabbit has not been converted to EE 3 yet, I’m predicting EE 3 support should be ready in Jan 2016.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.