Here is what I do everyday to help real estate agents, brokerages, and technology companies.

IDX Rabbit

IDX Rabbit is a different kind of IDX firm, we believe in providing a pain-free real estate websites that don’t frustrate and confuse agents and their potential buyers.

Rets Rabbit

Rets Rabbit is our real estate API service, using Rets Rabbit, software developers and app makers can build great web and mobile applications easily and quickly for real estate businesses.

MLS Import Roadmap

Importing MLS real estate data is time consuming, expensive, and prone to error. Accurately importing MLS data is important because any errors or mistakes in your import process can put your company in non-compliance with your MLS, which could lead to fines, feed shutdowns, or even lawsuits!

Dealing with these issues can be expensive for your real estate firm, and a lot of times the true cost isn’t revealed until your team is already working on the project.

The MLS Import Roadmap Service will help you plan and implement an multiple MLS import system.

Real Estate technology consulting

I help real estate firms integrate their technology tools through APIs to improve lead response time, lead qualification and run their marketing more efficiently. Contact me to schedule a free consultation.