WP Super Cache cheatsheet

In addition to performance tuning my agency’s website in Craft CMS, I’ve explored the performance tuning options available in WordPress for this blog, one of my discoveries has been WP Super Cache.


8 cool .htaccess tricks

For a lot of people, .htaccess is a complete mystery. Most of us (myself included) basically get by with copying and pasting examples from the internet to do certain tasks in .htaccess without really understanding how or why the file works.


Freelancer Guide to Professional Liability Insurance

Note: I’m not a lawyer, nothing in this post is meant to be legal advice and is not to be taken as such. Please seek the advice of a legal professional for specific advice about your situation.

Getting sued is probably one of the top concerns freelancers have. After all, even with a contract/service agreement (which you absolutely should have for every project) a sufficiently motivated former client can still take you to court if they have enough time and money. Professional liability insurance is there to cover you if that happens. Find out more about this essential tool for your business.


Freelancer Guide to Service Agreements

Having a service agreement signed between you and your client is a must for ANY project. Not only does having a service agreement protect you in case the project goes bad, it also marks you as a true professional.


The power of empathy in business

Empathy in business may seem like a very odd concept, but I believe it could be the strongest trait a developer has when building trust with clients.  Learn how empathy has served me well in my freelancing career.


Why charge for addon/plugin updates

The ExpressionEngine add-on marketplace, Devot:ee has implemented a pricing option for add-on developers that I believe will change the commercial add-on industry for the better (not just for ExpressionEngine). That option is what they call “timed downloads.


Automated deployments and Beanstalk saved my sanity

When I started freelancing I didn’t worry too much about deploying code to a client environment. All I did was simply FTP up the changed files.

As Anecka started getting more projects, as well as longer-term contracts which required on-going maintenance, I noticed more and more of my time was getting sucked into figuring out what needed to be be deployed and on what server. I knew my process had to change and I need to automate my deployment tasks.


Git workflow: Manage code complexity

A proper Git workflow procedure for your projects can help you manage a wide range of issues that arise during a project. Learn how to use git as the central focus for your team and why it’s important for your business.


Improve your Workflow with Terminal Aliases

Confession time, I’m awful at the command-line. Used to waste nearly an hour every week either mistyping or looking up Terminal commands for common development tasks. That was over a billable week a year lost. Not anymore, I’ll show you how I use Terminal aliases to increase productivity on the command-line and improve workflow.


How to Setup CodeIgniter Multiple Environments

Updated: 2017-02-12 – WARNING!! using $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’] is NOT SAFE, it can be edited by the client DO NOT USE IT

Instead I would recommend taking a look at phpdotenv to define environment variables to pass into CodeIgniter

Setting up CodeIgniter multiple environments is fairly easy and supported by default in the framework. However it requires you to define your environment in a core file instead of setting it up to recognize the url which can cause several issues. Fortunately a simple technique can be used to extend CodeIgniter multiple environments to give it more flexibility.